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Custom Calligraphy

I take great delight in creating personalized works for anyone interested in commissioning handwritten calligraphy

Ink, pens, nibs

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Creative writing

Some of my original fictions and homoromantic fanfictions have been printed on paper or featured on a selection of online magazines


Writing fanfictions and original content has been a favourite pastime of mine for many years, and I gladly share my stories online. Some of my recent works, to my great joy and gratification, have been featured in a serie of editorial projects.

Cover for A Coup Of Owls, 5th Issue

In the sight of this charming nowhere

“Nathan saw nothing wrong with sparing money whenever he could, even if his pragmatism led him towards sinister paths.”
A Coup Of Owls, 5th Issue

No Room for Misunderstanding

“Some men are rather immodest about their romantic interest, even when related to their bashful work colleagues.”
A Coup Of Owls, 3rd Issue

Cover for A Coup Of Owls, 3rd Issue

Cover for Radiance: A MXTX Fan Anthology

Two sides, same self-deprecating coin

“Despite his committed marriage with the Lord of Ghost City, Xie Lian has an untoward, absolutely illicit affair with another San Lang.”
Radiance: A MXTX Fan Anthology

Perseverare Diabolicum

“The first time Hannibal gutted him. The second time Hannibal went for his brain. The third time Hannibal figured he’d eat his heart.”
Love Crime Books, Ravage

Cover for Hannibal Fanbook: Ravage – An Infernal Hannibal Anthology

Cover for Alibi: A Hannigram Anthology

Alibi: a Hannigram anthology

“Some other worlds where happened what could’ve, would’ve happened between an unsociable empath and a refined gourmand with a particular distaste for disrespect.”

Hannibal Fanbook

After months of editing with the essential help of my priceless beta-reader Nicks, my Hannigram anthology is finally available for anyone interested in a collection of short stories of various genres featuring Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter.

Cover for Alibi: A Hannigram Anthology
  • Contains 50 Hannigram fanfictions

  • Written in English

  • Comprise of 422 pages

  • Paperback, Matte cover

  • Standard Black & White, 60# White

  • Format A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)

Several of the works collected in this book contain mentions of cannibalism, same-sex intercourse, minor character death, blood and gore, graphic descriptions of violence, alpha/beta/omega dynamics, emotional manipulation and just a touch of domestic fluff to counterbalance.


Pictures kindly provided by Amanda Makepeace, Colleen, EvertonEm, S_Wendigo, Ally_Will_, Dani, Jenna, Jin, Marurualgo and Helena. Send me yours, I'll include them in my gallery and give you a discount on your next purchase ♡

We won't be making any money on this project and we mean no copyright infringement, everything will be used to pay the production of the book and its shipment, and Paypal fees. We don't claim ownership of any of the characters involved.